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Rotary Club of Lebanon, NH Charities, Inc. (“Charities”) was formed in 1999 by the Lebanon-Riverside Rotary Club as a private, not-for-profit, tax-exempt entity to receive donations and other contributions from Rotarians, members of the general public and others, for the purpose of doing good in our community, region and the world.

Several years after Lebanon-Riverside and the Lebanon Rotary Club merged, revised bylaws were written, and the entity was re-registered with the State of New Hampshire as a 501(c)3 corporation.

The principal purpose of Charities is “to receive and administer funds for educational and charitable purposes,” and specifically, to make grants to various entities including, but not limited to, those which support international and local initiatives within the following broad categories:

  • basic education and literacy
  • economic and community development
  • disease prevention and treatment
  • improvements in maternal and child health
  • water and sanitation
  • peace and conflict resolution
  • supporting the environment.

Funds Raised:

Local Community – $116,008.92

International – $24,387.91 ($9,502.50 went directly to Rotary Foundation, the rest went to other places like Dartmouth, foreign entities)

Scholarships – $31,000.00

Other funds to Rotary Foundation or other Rotary groups – $26,890.58

Giving from 7/1/13 to 1/11/21

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We will be meeting every Thursday at noon.

We now have hybrid meetings. In person at the Dwinell Room at Harvest Hill on the Campus of Alice Peck Day Hospital, OR join us via Zoom. 

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