From the Intelligent Relations web page, Kenyon is described as follows:
Jim Kenyon is a local journalist based in Vermont, focusing on news and events in the Upper Valley region. With a career spanning multiple publications, including the Valley News and Gephardt Daily, Jim covers a wide range of topics, including local politics, social issues, and human-interest stories. His work provides a unique perspective on the community and its residents.
Jim Kenyon’s focus on local news, particularly in Vermont, suggests he would be interested in receiving pitches related to community issues and social justice within the state.
Given his coverage of government & politics and education, he may also find value in pitches that offer expert commentary or insights on these topics.
Given his specific geographic focus on Vermont and interest in local news, tailored pitches addressing community concerns or social justice matters within the state are more likely to capture his attention.
Kenyon started by telling us that he had been at Dartmouth last night covering the protests about the conflicts going on in the middle east. There was a huge police presence in Hanover, and he watched as 90 individuals were arrested, and transported to either Lebanon or Hanover to be processed.  It appeared that both local and state police were very prepared to intervene. Kenyon shared he doesn’t believe this show of force was indicated, as he saw many peacefully protesting.  Only a handful of students had erected tents on the green. Other protesters had linked arm in arm to surround the tents.  The college administration asked for the police to intervene and arrest individuals for protesting without a permit, and trespass. Dartmouth has an additional policy that individuals cannot camp/sleep on the Green in Hanover.
Kenyon then briefly reflected on:
  • Whether or not our court system in the Upper Valley is prepared to deal with 90 individuals who might plead not guilty.  The two students who were arrested in October are still awaiting trial.
  • Who will be paying for all the police that were on duty?
Kenyon then described his career at the Valley news.  He started in 2000. He shared information about a persuasive writing class that helped him develop his approach and views about investigative reporting. He mentioned a journalist who described this sort of work as “driving down a one-way street the wrong way.”
He told us about a variety of emails written to him about the same story that had been published in the Valley News, from disgust to high praise about the same topic. To illustrate this, Kenyon reflected on several stories that took a lot of time to sort rumor from fact. One about CCBA and one about Northern Stage.
Kenyon is concerned about the decline in local reporting, and the number of local newspapers that have gone out of business.