Our speaker was Aaron Rivkin, Manager of Impact and Community Alliance at Hopkins Center. David Crandall introduced Aaron by sharing that he plays the tuba, piano, guitar and euphonium, an instrument that Dave also played. Aaron is working on his doctorate at the University of Michigan. Currently, Aaron is the Manager of Impact and Community Alliance. He is responsible for measuring the impact of Hop events and works to bridge local communities in the Upper Valley to the Hop. Prior to coming to the Hopkins Center, he was a music teacher.

Arron began his talk showing a rendering of what the Hopkins Center will look like when it renovations and construction is completed.

Hopkins Center after Construction is complete

The topping off ceremony for new construction was held on February 28, 2024. The Center will reopen sometime in 2025.

Some Hopkins Center facts for 2023:
300 events were held as Hopkin Center Events, at a wide variety of venues since the official Hopkins Center isn’t available as a venue during construction.
27,000 tickets were sold.
There were 9 resident artists on campus, and 8 resident ensembles.
The hop provided 4,500 free or subsidized student tickets.
210 students were part of ensembles.
$300,000 was invested in Arts Powered Research. 135 research applications were received with 30 being funded.
Through outreach programs they have reached over 600 students in VT and NH.

From the Dartmouth Web page:
The Hop’s physical plant and programming are designed to readily engage Dartmouth students in the performing arts both as audience and participants, and to integrate closely with the college’s academic departments. At the same time, the Hop also offers dynamic opportunities for the general public.

Designed by Wallace Harrison, the architect of Lincoln Center and the United Nations Building in New York City, “the Hop” opened in November 1962 and blazed a trail for the many campus arts centers that followed in its wake. It was named for emeritus Dartmouth President Ernest Martin Hopkins, who had longed championed improved arts facilities on the campus. In 1988, the Hop was named by the National Endowment for the Arts as one of the nation’s exemplary performing arts centers.

The Hopkins Center staff believe that art has the power to expand knowledge and build connections.

Aaron then spent time telling us about the artist who will be part of the spring season.